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What makes an Iconic Portrait? 
Originality. Creativity. Philosophy.


Have you ever had a portrait session with a photographer, you get your pictures back, and yeah, they look great. The pictures are sharp, the composition is nice, and the color grading seems unique. However, you notice something glaringly obvious... the colors and style of the photos are basically identical, what gives???

Creativity (or lack of)

So, why would a photographer give a client an entire session of portrait pics that look exactly the same? The bottom line, the photographer is either lazy or lacks creative editing skills. The photographer has one or two Presets (aka "filters") that they either developed themselves,  or worse, purchased from another photographer, and their dirty little secret is that they are basically "copying and pasting" the "filter" to all of your session photos. 

Yes, I am well aware that calling out photographers who operate this way may anger a few people, but it is what it is, as they say. Personally, those types of photographers make me angry, because let's face it, portrait photos are not cheap, and I feel like they are ripping off their clients. 

So, having stated the aforementioned, here's what you get when you have an Iconic Portrait Session: You will get a mosaic of color gradings, styles, and looks! What you won't get are 30 photos that look exactly the same. Now, if this piques your interest, let's continue on to philosophy.


I truly believe that no matter your shape, age, gender, etc., EVERYONE  can have beautiful portrait pictures! And EVERYONE should have pictures that make them smile every time they look at them!

Each person that I work with is unique in their own way. There is only one of you. It's my job, as the photographer, to find the characteristics that make you "one of a kind" and run with them. I don't make you fit my photographic style. Instead, I build my photographic style around you. The result is beautiful pictures, unique to you, and you alone.

Now, if you made it through all of that literature, check out the gallery below that features a small sample of offerings.    

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Portraits: Pro Gallery
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