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DHS Pictures

The Gallery has been updated with Retake Photos.

Gallery remains open for individual orders.

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What is Batch Ordering?

Batch Ordering simply means that we will be collecting orders for a specified period of time. Once the batch ordering deadline expires, all orders collected during this period will be sent to production. Upon arrival at our studio, the orders will be delivered to DHS for distribution.

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After Batch Ordering

Following the batch ordering deadline, you will still have the ability to order photos. The only difference is that having them shipped to the studio at no charge is no longer available. You will have to have them shipped to your residence. Economy shipping is $5.25

**I do not control the cost of shipping, nor do I receive any of the money from it. It is controlled by my photo lab.**

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Navigating the Gallery

Once you click on the gallery button, you will be asked for an Access Code, your access is your Student's Lumen ID#.

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Access Code:
Lumen ID#

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